Image stabilizer slight shake

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Re: Image stabilizer slight shake

WanderingLens wrote:

Ohiobob, thanks for taking the time and checking it out. Apreciate it. Makes me less suspicious

This is my only lens with IS. Whenever I don't need IS (using high shutterspeed, flash, etc) the images come out unbelievably, razor sharp, always. But whenever I really need IS, the majority of images are fine for most uses, but they are no THAT sharp. I recently asked about it on another post. Now I see that's normal, it is the nature of things. I guess if I take more shots, one is gonna come out that sharp eventually.

Yes IS helps but it can't work miracles. If you try and restrict your low shutter speeds to 1/focal length, i.e. if using 200mm keep the shutter speed to 1/200s (1/250s being the nearest probably) or higher then IS will almost guarantee sharp results. Some people can hand hold 200mm with IS down to about 1/30s but that requires very good technique and possibly some luck as well. And of course it doesn't stop subject movement.

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