The best camera for infrared photography?

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The best camera for infrared photography?

I am looking to upgrade my digital infrared capabilities. I currently have an Olympus Camedia C-2000z which I use to do my infrared photography. I know this is the gold standard for digital infrared but I'm looking for a camera that can come close.
What I'm looking for in a camera is:

1: more megapixels. I would like to go from 2.1 megapixels to something higher. All of my other cameras are shooting in the 10 to 14 megapixel range and it would be nice to have comparable print sizes.

2: and more available memory card. SmartMedia cards have become very expensive and the collection I have now are starting to wear out so I would like to move to a least CF cards and preferably SD cards.

3: false color infrared.I am not looking for a camera that only gives me monochromatic red pictures that require a great deal of work to make into a false color picture.

4:infrared ability out-of-the-box. I would prefer not to convert a camera. First there is the price to spend $400 or so on a conversion on top of the cost to the camera and secondly it would be difficult to use the camera for non-infrared pictures if they need was to arise. (I like to travel and I am looking to lighten my pack so if the camera could do double duty would be a very big plus)
I've tried a few cameras and have not totally satisfied with the results.

The Canon rebel XT. on the plus side it uses CF memory cards and requires very little work in Photoshop to create nice false color images. On the negative side the shutter speed with an R 72 filter is quite slow and can only be done with a tripod and not much wind.

The Sigma SD14. Pluses, with the infrared blocking filter removed it becomes a full spectrum compatible camera was very excellent shutter speeds.

Negatives, with the blocking filter removed dust becomes a problem, and it is not handle false color easily.

the Nikon D70. pluses, it uses CF memory cards, it is able to do false color, and the shutter speed even though it is slow is still fast enough to be usable.

Negatives, it is only 6 megapixels , and that it and the 70S is been out of production for such a long time that is not a good replacement for my 13-year-old Olympus.

so what I'm hoping is that someone can recommend a camera. Maybe something like a super zoom bridge style camera or may be a non-SLR camera with interchangeable lenses.
Thank you,

Nikon D70 Sigma SD14
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