This is why I have no respect for Ken Rockwell

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Jeff Morris
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This is why I have no respect for Ken Rockwell

Please forgive me for this post, but this is why I get the shakes when I read anyone quoting K.R. Years ago I wanted to like Ken Rockwell. I thought his style was easy to understand, relaxed and made sense. As time went on I realized he spoke out of both sides of his mouth and he was totally inconsistent, contradicting himself with every "Review".

Today I saw a "Review" of the Zeiss 15mm f2.8.

Please read the Introduction portion and scroll down to the "Caps" section.

I quote Ken:

"Thank God someone's making a professional ultrawide lens today."

A year ago he was saying how the 14-24 Nikkor was the finest UWA available.
Six months ago the 16-35vr was the finest UWA available.

Then tonight I was looking at a 50mm Zeiss on line and did a Google search and came up with this Rockwell Gem:

Read his introduction it says it all.

"This lens is not made in Germany and it is not made in a Zeiss factory. It is made in Japan by Cosina, the same company that made the cheap FM-10 for Nikon and many other inexpensive lenses and cameras for third-party makers for many decades."

Am I missing something? How does this fellow exist? How can you worship a manufacture in one breath when you write things like this on another page?

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