FZ150 Sound Tests, in camera and external microphones

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Re: FZ150 Sound Tests, in camera and external microphones

Thanks for doingn these tests- I have been wondering which mike to get - either Rodes or the Panasonic.

Unfortunately by the time I found this post, some of the vids have been removed - I expect because they violated copyright. Sorry after all your hard work. As these weren't videos but sound bites it would have been easier(quicker) to just upload the audio, I'm not sure where, but i expect there is a place for that on the web? and that doesn't check for copyright.

What people hear from your demo's has a lot to do with what sound system they have setup with their computer. Many people just have either built in speakers in a laptop or small twin computer speakers and it is harder to hear the full spectrum of sound with them.

I have a 5:1 Logitech system. It picks up bass especially well but isn't as rounded as my reference speakers in my mini recording studio. I can connect the PC to that system and reckon I am hearing a reasonably 'typical' sound.

The built in mike is very biased towards middle frequencies, it didn't pick up base or high end audio very much. It picked up the female singers voice clearer than the other mikes, as you would expect.

The Rodes definitely picked up more bass and high freq than the Panasonic, but both of them sounded muffled, it was as if they were receiving sound through a cushion. I don't know why that would be?

I'm tempted to get the Panasonic Mike, because it is lighter and not too bad, even though the rodes was better. I'm only recording normal things, not music concerts. (I have a Tascam DR05 o record high quality audio)


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