problems with 1 D mark II

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Re: problems with 1 D mark II

Glad it worked out for you. Yes, the 1DII is a formidable camera to learn. But once learned, it yields wonderful rewards.

I spent a few hours this weekend archiving wedding files from the past 12 years. As I perused them, I recalled some of the memorable moments from many of them, and found myself re-examining many of the photos from a critical standpoint. Although they were all captured with a variety of camera bodies and lenses, time and again I found myself saying that those from the 1DII bodies were the best. Always sharp and in focus with good color and dynamic range. Weddings just don't require more than 8MP, and the performance of the 1DII far exceeds any requirements I've ever put them through at one. I was even amazed at the ISO 1600 and 3200 ceremony shots.

These forums are more gear-related than anything else, so it's popular in them to say that cameras like this are outdated. While technology does indeed march on, the 1DII was so far ahead everything else when it first came out that even today, as a pure photographic tool, it has a LOT of life left in it.

Happy shooting!

monikaroth wrote:

Thanks for the info, I bought a new battery and the shutting off has stopped. From what canon said, if the battery was older and not quite holding the charge right the cold could cause it to drain rapidly. SO that is now resolved. Also as far the the 1999 display well your speaking to a rookie 1 D user and I found out changing the format displays a diff number there so that was just a rookie I know nothing thank you so much I am glad I found this site! Now to learn more about it!

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