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The Jealous Canon Shooter

When the D300 came out Canon slapped us with the less impressive Canon 40D. When the Nikon D3 came out Canon really didn't respond to my satisfaction at all. When the Nikon D700 came out Canon responded with the 22MP Canon 5DII...and then crippled the poor thing with a weak AF module. I've learned to work with the 5DII AF, though the D700 was ultimately a better rounded I owned that one too.

I've owned and shot Canon for many years side by side with Nikon.

Look at this like a CONSUMER, Nikon has been quite generous compared to Canon. When the D700 came out it was 98% of a D3 for thousands less. Even the D7000 can outfocus my 5DII. Now Nikon brings out the D800 with an expected price of 4K and prices it the same as the D700 when it came out 3 years ago!

And what does Canon do? They come out with the 5DIII, lightly tweak the sensor performance and FINALLY add a good AF module only to slap us with a price higher than the D800? What is Canon thinking? I've seen what the D800 can do against the 5DIII and shot both. The D800 should be 3500.00 and the 5DIII should be 2500.00.

But it's all good. I have good Nikon glass sitting side by side with my Canon glass. Guess who got my money? Hint: It wasn't Canon. As many people said, before mass denial set in, the only thing more disappointing than than the 5DIII is the price.

I've been trying to stay balanced on the whole silly C vs. N game, but truth is truth and it has value. I gave Nikon my money for the better camera, but I also gave it to them because they've treated me better in recent years, while Canon seems to act like Nikon USED to act. To the victor go the spoils, but never rest on your laurels and expect blind devotion. Canon had better step back, get a new perspective and double their efforts. They should also offer some payback to loyal owners just like Nikon has. You can argue that perception, but MANY shooters feel the D700 and now the D800 were too. The only thing I'm upset about now...the long wait for my D800 to get shipped.


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