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Re: Best CX thread from awhile back

Yes. That may have been I which said that.
Now I see that also the CX3 offer NR off but CX4 still have improved IS.

Earlier, I've only compared some full size sample images from CX3, CX4, CX5 and also CX6.

I've taken a closer look at the and compared the iso-performance. I would say that CX4 have a small edge up to iso 400. Then at iso 800 I think that the Cx6 looks better than Cx5 and 5. At iso 1600 my choice would be the CX5, 6 and 4.
That is with the NR set to its default setting which I assume is Auto.
I can only assume that because it is not clarified in the pdf manuals.

The CX6 and somtimes also CX5 very much reminds me about the smooth engine used in GRDIV. An engine which I'm not a fan of. At least when I have a look at the full size sample images. I would not care a lot about the iso performance as the CX4 still is good up to 400 or 800 and probably never use such a camera at anything than iso 100 or possibly 200 for most of the time anyway.

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