I am wishing for FM2 eqivalent FF digital

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Mnaual focus with high MP sensors ...

john Clinch wrote:

Manual focus with a high MP sensor is no easy matter

I have to disagree on this point. I have been using a Zeiss 50/1.4 on my D7000 for portraits without serious difficulty. I think the key is a lens with a long focus throw (half-turn vs quarter-turn) and a well-damped focus ring - as a result the Zeiss is a much easier MF proposition than my Nikon 50/1.8.

The FM2 was 90 x 142 x 60mm and weighed 540g. A D3100 is 96 x 124 x 75mm and weighs 505g. A D7000 is a bit bigger and heavier than the FM2, but there is not a lot in it. So what could a digital FM offer that those cameras do not? Nothing except more robust build (though not so much compared to the D7000) and 36 x 24.

IMO, people who talk about a "digital FM" really just want an FX digital camera for $1000, and that is unrealistic, because FX sensors are much more expensive than DX sensors, and pointless, because in a camera like that FX offers no important advantage photographically.

According to Thom Hogan Nikon executives have said that they have not made a D-FM because they simply do not believe there is a market for a D-FM at the price they would have to charge .

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