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Re: How can it be "like" something that never happened?

Norman Day Morpho Hunter wrote:

.......it's like when the Kodak board was shown the first prototype digital camera ....and laughed it out of the boardroom.

Norman, how can it be "like" something that never happened?

The Kodak board funded development and authorized ...

A sensor operation that produced over 500 different sensors for everything from cell phones to space telescopes, including the sensors in three Oly DSLR models.

A DSLR product line that ran 19 different models (not including another 7 IRand monochrome variations)

A medium format digital back operation that produced 11 different models.

A P&S product operation that was once the single largest P&S maker in both dollars and units.

The real issue is timing and good foresight.

I never saw, met with or even knew who the board members at Kodak were. However, one eventual CEO of Intel, two senior VP's at Intel at the time and a team of three engineers (I was one of the engineers) had an all day meeting with Kodak in Rochester. The purpose of the meeting was to try to convince Kodak that they should enter the digital camera bsiness as they had already made two interesting $25K .75MP press cameras (not exactly sure of the exact price or MP count but it was about 1986) and had demonstrated digital imaging capability but they seemed to be doing nothing while CaNikon et. al. from across the pond were showing us interesting products that were eventually released.

After a cordial coffee and donuts opening meeting where introductions were made, the proposed agendas for the day were laid out, and the subject of Digital Photography put squarely into the center of the table as the subject of discussion, and where Kodak assured us that they knew what they were doing, we broke up into seperate groups and I went into meetings with the Kodak engineering staff in charge of digital imaging.

When all the VP's had left the Senior engineering manager for digital imaging completely changed his demeanor and what he was saying.

I'll paraphrase because it is instructive..

He said-roughly-

Look, Kodak knows how to make digital images.

He brought out a stack of about 10 20x20 color photographs that had been made with a 4000x4000 pixel, 16MP, sensor and the photos were just stunning. Absolutely beautiful. Some fashion, some landscape photos from Arizona and some architectural photos.

We have been making CCD sensors for some time now but you have to understand something:

There is no way Kodak is going to start the ball rolling.

They will drag their feet in the sand untill they are forced, kicking and screaming, to start commercializing their digital imaging operation.

We have all been explicitly told this, and yes, everyone in this room believes it is a bad decision but we, Kodak, will not lead the charge. At the engineering level we strongly disagree with the direction but it is not our decision.

The goose laying the golden eggs will not be slain by Kodak.

At that point in time Kodak could have led the charge and they could have have had a clear and unchallenged leadership position but they chose to follow a different path.

Canon may be taking the same position as Kodak did then. So far, I have not seen an EVF I can live with. Maybe some day but I have not yet seen it.

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