can the 7, 7i, 7Hi do infrared?

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Plamen Antonov Senior Member • Posts: 1,879
Re: InfraRed Examples -- Dimage 7Hi & Dimage 5

Michael Patrick wrote:

Okay... it stopped raining just long enough for me to venture
outside and snap a few IR shots. Granted, a rainy January day on
Vancouver Island is not the best for infrared shots, however here

Above is the thumbnail from my Dimage 7Hi with the IR filter in

Same shot, with desaturation done using Photshop

This was a similar shot last summer using a Dimage 5. Again, raw
from the camera, resized to match above.

The image, similar desaturation applied.

The filter is a Rodenstock RG715 E49 InfraRed filter. I dropped the
image size to keep download times reasonable for these forum pages.
I could email zipped images if requested.

The D5 shots remained reasonably crisp and clear across the image.
The D7Hi, well...theres that halo in the middle. After
desaturation, it starts to go away but the shot is nowhere near as

Bottom line, my RG715 is about to go on eBay. The Dimage 7Hi is not
suitable for IR photography. Pity...


Thanks Michael, it doesn't look very well indeed, buy I expected worse results, frankly. I still believe I will get that filter to play with.

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