5D3 vs D800 - A Technical Analysis (UPDATED & EXTENDED) - With Samples

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Re: Exposure Times

Legion5 wrote:

No. Both the exposure times and the output of the flashes are different, they cancel each other out.

You're wrong Legion.

IR doesn't use flashes, it uses continuos lights. Withouth knowing what IR have set the lights to for each test, you are only guessing as to whether their ouutput is different.

While the exposure times of the 5D Mark III files are different than the D800, they are also the same as those of the 5D Mark II. The 5D Mark II has virtually identical ISO sensetivity to the D800 according to DXOmark. This proves imaging resource adjusts flash strength and shutter speed to acheive identical exposure.

It proves nothing of the sort. It proves that IR let's the camera decide what exposure to use and that eitehr the Canon or the Nikon have flawed metering.

Personally, I don't udnerstand why IR doesn't use a light meter and set values manually. Might be because the EXIFs would read different values.

The number of photons striking each sensor is the same, therefore we have a very good test.

That's false, but I agree it's irrelevant.

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