My OM-D is noisy!

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Re: I'm cancelling my order!!!

I believe I see the problem. You probably are not aware that some things are expected to make a lot of noise, some things a little noise and some things no noise.

For example, your Sony α700 is supposed to be quiet unless you touch the shutter release. Many people expected the E-M5 to be quiet unless they touch the shutter release. It's the seemingly inappropriate noise that is leading to their comments, not the mere fact that it's making noise.

I hope this helps clear things up and that you'll be able to reclaim your flatscreen TV, radio, etc.

benwood wrote:

Or I would if I could, for my Sony α700 . Unfortunately, I've owned it for several years, and it's too late to cancel, I supposed, 20000 shots into the dang thing.

But I just turned it on and smashed my ear up to one side, and no sound. But I touch the shutter release to activate the IBIS or focus or who knows what, and I can hear a buzzing sound. What the??? The fact that I never heard it before is irrelevant. To the dumpster!!

I just checked my flatscreen TV. Wholly cow. Gone.

Radio. Gone. Gone! My Expensive LED bulbs. Buzz... gone! My awesome analog amp from Marantz. Gone. MY PC.

And the worst one of all?!?!? My Toyota Highlander. Wow, I never new how freakin' loud that thing is just sitting there at a stop light. And it's not my imagination, either -- a pedestrian turned to look over! THAT's how bad that was. Gone!

Now it's really quiet at home, except for the ringing in my ears. Why did the sirens have to be so loud???

-- Ben

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