Help fix a bad pano crop in LR

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Re: Help fix a bad pano crop in LR

ComputerDork wrote:

Not sure about Lightroom 4, but at least in 3 I cant think of a good way to do it other than trying to abuse the spot healing tool.

This looks simple enough to clone that I'm betting you can find some free paint program (or use GIMP but I bet you don't even need that) to fix it. If you have a recent version of Photoshop or can use a trial then I'd use the Content-Aware Fill or patch tool which should fix that problem in about 2 seconds.

Agree. Simple to clone out in Photoshop Elements, should be easily done in many PP apps.

The REAL problem here is that the horizon is "dished" - low in the middle and high at the ends.

One should always strive to keep the effective horizon level when shooting Panoramics - the tops & bottoms still "want" to curve because of perspective, but having the horizon distorted is disturbing.

Nice shot of Great Falls from the Virginia side - my parents lived on top of Cowhoof Rock [above Sandy Landing] about a mile downriver in the 1930's, and the house was washed away in the record flood in the late '30's, marked on the pole behind where you were standing.

Last time I was there, about 10 years ago, remnants of the rock pillars the house was built on were still to be seen on top of the rock, in the bushes. Some cultivated flowers gone wild there are from their garden.


The house on Cowhoof Rock:

A lesser flood tha the one that took the house away:

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