EVF humming noise, solution for Oly manufacture, maybe :)

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EVF humming noise, solution for Oly manufacture, maybe :)

Hi Olympus,

1-Try to identify the source of the humming noise. Since there is no such that problem happening before, with E series (no EVF), I assume that the noise comes from the EVF system.

2-Due to the high density LEDs in a compact EVF screen, the noise will accuse due to the following factors:

  • mismatch power supply, mainly current sources.

  • low grade components such as LEDs screen, mosfets, inductors, capacitors, resistors, connectors...

  • temperature control, thermal heatsink compensation.

  • If it is not serious, the problem could be resolved by software.

Hi OMD users:

Reduce the brightness of the EVF as low as possible if there is an option for that.

Most Plasma, LED flat screen tvs have this problem, Sammsung TVs are famous of that.

I personally don't like humming noise, but if it is so little, I can live with it. Annoying though.


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