Nikon 50 f1.2 reviews?

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Re: Nikon 50 f1.2 reviews?

Joe, as a Nikkor 1.2 AI-S owner I agree with you.

I've been an amateur for 40 years and don't have the time, financial resources, or the need to chase specs. Unless you have a specific need for a lens with a certain level of measurable performance, you'll get an ulcer trying to figure out which lens is objectively "the best" and a year down the road when a new lens that outperforms yours comes on the market, you'll be kicking yourself in the head.

Figure out what you want your lens to do in terms of angle of view, speed, etc. and then make a list of several lenses that meet these requirements. And then look at other people's photos taken with each lens and see which produces the look you envision for the kind of subjects you want to shoot. If one lens doesn't stand out, rent the lenses on your short list.

Frankly, the 1.2 AI-S can be a bitch to focus wide open or in low light situations, even with a custom split-prism focusing screen. That's part of the territory. If you're worried about manually focusing, rule out any manual lens. Period.

Don't like the AI-S's coma? Buy the 1.4 AF-S... it's cheaper and supposedly with less coma. Want that extra ½ stop, demand coma correction, and don't mind manual focus? Get a used 58mm NOCT for about $3,000.

I love my 1.2 AI-S and the photos it produces.

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