It would be sad indeed, if the 5DIII was outselling the D800

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Re: It would be sad indeed, if the 5DIII was outselling the D800

s majesk wrote:

Canon has sold a massive number of 5D and 5DII cameras, and 99%
of us are totally satisfied with their performance.
Why would it be otherwise?

Comparatively few are rushing to trade up to the 5DIII, albiet an
envious alternative.
Meanwhile in the Nikon camp, D700 owners are scambling to hock
their cameras for the new megapixel wonder that they all said
they never needed.
This has created a giant vaccum for Nikon's own fanbase.

The 5DIII therefore, has a much smaller market of potential up-graders,
a fault of their own, but still, to a well heeled consumer
who is more interested in meaningfull improvements in IQ.
Sure, Canon may eventually give in, to a demand for higher megapixels
if the demand does dictate, that's just smart sales and marketing,
though their technological expertise gives them the opinion that higher
megapixel count is a needless trade-off.O

Marketing is based on the fact that people fall for buying the latest offerings, mostly out of our insecurities.
I tend to think, rather that Canon is on a totally different tack, with regards
toward advancements in the not too distant future?

I don't think that Canons' in any rush though, to go to war.
Neither are we?

How True ! +1+2+3

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