My OM-D is noisy!

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Louis_Dobson wrote:

I don't need IBIS and I'd be happier with the sensor nailed firmly to the back of the camera rather than held in place with a complex electro-mechanical system that eats battery and has the potential to fail at an inopportune moment.

This intuitive argument is constantly seen whenever the complexity of some machine is increased because of additional features etc. However, engineering is seldom based on intuitive arguments. For instance, let's say with the sensor bolted to the camera's chasis solidly, the mean time between failure of this mechanical fixture is 1000 years, and with the new complex IBIS fixture, the mean time between failure is reduced to 20 years. That is a 50 times increase of the failure rate, and is also completely irrelevant so long as a modern camera and its user is concerned.

I'd be less concerned about failure over time than getting an outright lemon, or having a system that is subtly defective (miscalibrated, buggy, etc.).

The real intuitive argument is that while these things usually are a benefit in the long run, debugging them and working out the kinks takes time. That's something Olympus users are familiar with (e.g. the E-3's new AF system).

Usually outright lemons and quantitatively defective units can be incorporated into the mean time between failure figure, but indeed engineers should not depend on the buying public to debug for them. However, when you need to be quick to market...

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