Is NEX really the best?

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Nex is no d-SLR replacement ...

... but it's a fricking sweet alternative

But really, I dunno , a camera is sort of like a car (costs a lot less, margin to make a mistake heh). I mean, you're gonna sit in a Ford Focus (replace with any car here) and say "oh my god this is horrible" yet your neighbor will buy one and absolutely love it.

For the rest, well, you can look at the base specs of a camera to know which sensor it has, take a look at the available lenses, and the rest is pretty much user preference. First step would be going to a store and actually holding the camera, play with it a bit, etc.

I absolutely hate how the Nex-5N menus were designed but I don't really care now since ultimately all that matters is how photos look when I browse in Lightroom

Price-wise, Canon's T3i, the D5100, and the Nex are pretty much in the same league. I'm not certain I would personally have gone with a Nex had I not had a d-SLR already since 80% of my shooting actually happens home with the kids.

However, got travels, going outside, etc, Nex-5N is soooo nice. And, well, it has replaced my home camcorder for videos as well (which would probably be the case as well with a T3i or D5100 .... I own a D700 which does not shoot video).

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