Producing a simple printer profile with ArgyllCMS

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Producing a simple printer profile with ArgyllCMS

Now after weeks of experimenting and many wasted pages and initial worthless profiles I finally managed to get really good profiles with ArgyllCMS. In fact I created a workflow for a "simple" printer profile with just a single sheet of A4 photo paper being consumed to get this profile....and the result is far better compared to the 2 sheets Spyder3Print (High Quality Profile + greys). I am using my a Colormunki now.


-no blue to purple shifts (known problem with the Spyder3Print)

-very neutral b/w prints (much better compared to the profiles produced with my previous Spyder3print High Quality Profile + Greys workflow, needing 2 sheets of photo paper) even with printers without grey ink, like my Canon MX850 using Inktec CLI-8 refill ink.

-produces a more than satisfactory printer profile for non-critical work (most won't even see any difference with profiles produced with much higher count patches and certainly see a improvement produced with the "High Quality + greys" profiles generated with the Spyder3Print).
-very fast reading using the Colormunki (strip reading).
-uses just 1 sheet of A4 photo paper


targen -v -d2 -G -e4 -g64 -f306 -R standard_profile

printtarg -v -iCM -h -a0.84 -b -T360 -m3 -M3 -P -pA4 standard_profile

This will produce a target with 306 patches with 64 composite grey steps and compressing the 18 rows containing 17 patches into a single sheet of A4 without comprimising on readibility with your Colormunki device (ruler needed to align your Colormunki). The example name used here is standard_profile (but you can use any any name you want).

I never was really able to get true saturated blue's without the shift towards purple using the Spyder3Print (except cheating the target with the known +10 in hue in the blue channel, but this will sometimes create artifacts in some colour slopes from bright blue towards dark purple area's, albeit this is only visible in test images containing artificial non real-life pictures). Also the b/w-prints were rather pinkish using the Spyder3Print software, even if you use the grey target to neutralise any colour casts.

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