My OM-D is noisy!

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Re: Non stop

Several comments:

  • If the IS hums quietly in the background, that is not a fault to be fixed, it is what the camera does . Electromechanical devices make sounds.

  • Having said, that, I'd expect the NEX7 to hum or flash lights, it is all a bit Star Trek. The OM-D, on the other hand, is consciously retro, trying to feel like a film camera. I never had a film camera that hummed. As above, not a fault, and not a problem either. I'm definitely subtracting half a mark off the cool quotient though. If ever there was a mainstream camera that should shut it with the electronic noises, this is it. Can you imagine the fuss if the Leica M9 did that?

  • If it was a fault, which it isn't, and if it were going to be fixed, which it won't, then you'd be caught out on batch manufacturing. Buy a D4, and it is probably built on a dedicated line in Japan at roughly the same rate they sell them. If people find a problem they'll fix it on the line and the rest of the cameras won't have it,The OM-D is probably batch built - they set up a line, they make a huge pile, they turn the line over to the next product. So faults stick. But, again, this is not a fault. It is juts something the camera does - like it or lump it. I'll lump it, but knock half a point of the cool quotient.

dko22 wrote:

Louis_Dobson wrote:

In both cases it will be the sound of the IS, surely? If you switch the IS "off" all you are telling it to do is stop reacting to the gyros. It still has to hold the sensor (OM-D) or lens element (L1) steady - I think. I have an L1 and never noticed the sound. Also an E-PM1 and 25 f1.4, and I don't notice that sound either. So I doubt the OM-D will bother me.

I'm bemused by all this fuss. The GH2 makes a noise with OIS lenses such as the 45-200 whether the OIS is on or off and I've never thought this is something to get concerned about -you can hardly hear it anyway. I suspect the above is the correct explanation, not that I have any technical knowledge about such things. If there is some serious issue, I'm quite sure it will be picked up fairly quickly.

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