My OM-D is noisy!

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Re: But why is it necessary with IS off?

Timur Born wrote:

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Here is what I notice right off the bat. My OM-D has a constant electrical hum. Kind of like a hard drive, fan, or O.I.S. stabilization system.

Yes, it does that. Doesn't matter whether you have OIS turned on or off, it always makes that low-level humming noise.

Weird. But why is it necessary when IS is off? None of the Pens or other Olympus DSLRs with IS do this when IS is disabled. Is it due to the new '5-axis' wunder-stabilization system?

Ask yourself: how would you fix a plate that can move and turn in any and all directions without some very sophisticated and maybe bulky mechanics? Make sense to make it floating but fixed.

I suppose. But the E-5 promotion materials explicitly speak of using a linear SWD motor for the image stabilization because of higher accuracy than a rotary one. And now here it appears they've gone and reversed themselves. It just seems strange.

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