My OM-D is noisy!

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Re: My OM-D is noisy!

vincent filomena wrote:

I'm listening - No ! - my G3 is very quiet !

Wow: I woried it might be catching...


Well, funnily enough my G3 does make a noise (actually, it's the 14-42mm lens in the case of this camera), albeit quietly. I just checked this to be sure - the 14-42's OIS does, as I understand it, have the lens element(s) involved in OIS mounted on a form of suspension which is once again magnetically actuated. It's the reason that lens clunks and sounds like something's loose when the power's off. With the OIS on, there's a tiny hum and various intermittent buzzings as the elements are moved to correct for camera motion. But even with the OIS off, the hum is still there, with small buzzings if you move the camera quickly - because the system still has to work to hold the elements still. I remember being able to hear this on other Panasonics with OIS lenses too. As with all things, it depends on the amount of background noise, and how sensitive your hearing is in the particular range of these types of sound.

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