My OM-D is noisy!

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Re: Yes, it does that

Andy Westlake wrote:

1) It doesn't come from the speaker

This rules out permanent speaker activity then. It could have been that the amplifier stays activ even when no sound is playing (most devices should turn them off to save batteries, even MacBooks do that after 30 seconds).

2) It doesn't matter whether you're using the LCD, built-in EVF, or indeed the VF-2. You obviously can't have the camera turned on without one of the finders being active.

What about brightness settings? If it happens with any of these then It's unlikely that brightness PWM circuitry is the source, but you never know.

Most importantly - it really doesn't matter, from what I can tell. It's not loud, and most of the time you'll never notice it. It seems to be about as much of a problem as Panasonic's rattling OIS units - first time you notice it you'll be understandably concerned, but it really doesn't seem to be a problem in real-world use.

I am not concerned until I got the camera in hand and either fueled unnerved myself or notice other people getting distracted. That being said, I do hear the PWM circuitry of my car's LCD display while driving and thus have to keep it at brightness levels where it does not happen. And I always heard those TV and PSU induced humms in quiet rooms. Some of us are more sensitive to these things, which isn't necessarily a positive attribute.

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