My OM-D is noisy!

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Re: How can you switch off the IS?

Sylvain G wrote:

Hi Louis,

Your understatements here and there are getting a bit of a bore really : "too dim to grasp", "I got the ignoramii" ... cut it out. Most of the time you're making assumptions and it's normal that people will challenge them.

Back to topic :

assumption1 - I wouldn't think there is such a thing as a "EVF stabilisation". From the diagrams & cut schemas of the camera, it seems rather difficult to imagine such a system. Olympus has also communicated about their new EVF design and no such thing were advertised.

It would be rather easy to test I guess. Taking any lens at 100mm-150mm with IBIS turned on then off and see if aiming through the EVF is changed. repeat with rear screen.

assumption2 - As for the retention of the sensor in place. I'm not sure why it would change so much from previous generation. Previous gen IBIS would actually look pretty much locked when IBIS was off, without a noise. Couldn't a magnet passive state attract the sensor if it's unfed?

Interesting "issue" though..

Just been reading through this thread myself, and it's interesting. I did notice (and it has been pointed out by others) that the new IBIS system seems a little reminiscent of the Pentax DSLR one (that too has always had extra axes of correction, like the OM-D has) so it wouldn't be entirely surprising if it was driven in a similar way, by electromagnets. The Pentax system can be quite loud. There are other factors that cause hum, too, and some people hear cameras humming more easily than others do (and it depends on the surroundings, as mentioned) - for example, some cameras can actually be heard feeding the live view to the monitor (they usually go quiet during playback only). I think the "EVF stabilisation" issue mentioned would simply be the option to show the effects of the IBIS during live view in the EVF or monitor, as you usually can with lens-based OIS, but it is also possible with (some) IBIS systems, including - presumably - this one. I recall that the E-520 DSLR had an option to temporarily enable this, and the IBIS-equipped (but much smaller-sensored) Pentax Q has the option to have it happen permanently, or not, as required.

Interesting to see how this goes. I would think it's only a problem if the sound is picked up in videos - otherwise it's just something to get used to.

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