My OM-D is noisy!

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Re: How can you switch off the IS?

Did you mean "understatements"?

Well, we shall see. I'm curious to know how the IBIS locks, however when I tried to ask I just got thick remarks from people who couldn't understand the question until we hit 150 without anyone who might actually know commenting.

Looking at Andy Weslake's remarks below, the noise stops when you engage video, which makes it unlikely to be IBIS related.

Sylvain G wrote:
Hi Louis,

Your understatements here and there are getting a bit of a bore really : "too dim to grasp", "I got the ignoramii" ... cut it out. Most of the time you're making assumptions and it's normal that people will challenge them.

Back to topic :

assumption1 - I wouldn't think there is such a thing as a "EVF stabilisation". From the diagrams & cut schemas of the camera, it seems rather difficult to imagine such a system. Olympus has also communicated about their new EVF design and no such thing were advertised.

It would be rather easy to test I guess. Taking any lens at 100mm-150mm with IBIS turned on then off and see if aiming through the EVF is changed. repeat with rear screen.

assumption2 - As for the retention of the sensor in place. I'm not sure why it would change so much from previous generation. Previous gen IBIS would actually look pretty much locked when IBIS was off, without a noise. Couldn't a magnet passive state attract the sensor if it's unfed?

Interesting "issue" though..

Louis_Dobson wrote:

We shall have to see, but I'm not sure what they mean by "EVF stabilisation" and it sounds like camera-shop hooey to me (of course I could be wrong). I think it is much more likely one is hearing the sound of the electromagnets in the IBIS holding the sensor still.

If I'm right then it's a total non issue, but it would rather make my point that the IS cannot just be switched off, something that various people seemed too dim to grasp when I pointed it out, about which I remain somewhat irritated.

One of the more annoying facts of life is the dimmer people are the less equipped they are to recognise their dimness.

Brian Mosley wrote:

Louis_Dobson wrote:
Chris_in_Osaka wrote:
ike a hard drive, fan, or O.I.S. stabilization system.

It's not the new lens since I've switched it to another and the hum continues. Switched off the I.S. and still noise.

Any ideas?

As far as I can see the IS will always have to be on, even if it isn't moving the sensor, to hold it steady. I'm not certain that's the case, I did try to ask about it, but I just got the usual bunch of ignoramii telling me that nothing Oly makes could ever go wrong and how wonderful IBIS is.

Louis, this is the first time any Olympus camera has made a noise when the stabilisation system is inactive. When you asked about it, you were given the best guess based on previous experience and available information at that time - how does your interpretation read?

My guess at this time is, that stabilisation is continuing to run to stabilise the EVF - it may be possible to switch that off.


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