My OM-D is noisy!

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Re: reviewers often miss stuff

Henry Richardson wrote:

DrWu wrote:

I find it strange that none of the early preview bodies that that were in circulation seemed to have that issue. For example here at least two Finnish photographers (whose opinion I trust a lot) had a chance to test and review OM-D for several days in various situations and also at home (not only at some noisy exhibition stand) and neither mentions that noise. It was the same body that they had so apparently that one did not make any irritating additional noise. I did not pay attention if Mr Wong mentioned it in his lenghty previews? But he was mostly shooting outdoors so one probably pays attention to it only in otherwise completely silent surroundings... or in the worst case something strange has happened in between.

As I wrote here sometime back, often reviewers either miss things or choose not to report them. The first day or two after a camera comes out there are always reports of things no one mentioned before. It is strange how a reviewer can use a camera for days or even weeks and not discover things that a buyer finds within the first 30-60 minutes, but it happens often.

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Henry Richardson

It is strange, isn't it? but it happens a lot. There have been so many issues that were unnoticed by reviewers and found by early buyers, double images of Panasonic X lens, orbs of some Fuji cameras, Nikon D7000 hot spots, AF accuracy problem of Pentax cameras under tungsten lighting, shutter slap/vibration of some Pentax DSLRs, oil stains on Pentax K-5, ... which is why user feedback and more independent or critical reviews on these forums are so valuable. For quality control matters, I trust users who pay money for their cameras and got random real production models than reviewers who were handed particular review samples by friendly manufacturers.

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