My OM-D is noisy!

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Re: EVF stabilization fiasco!

Brian Mosley wrote:

Jonas B wrote:

Brian Mosley wrote:

Is there an option to switch off EVF stabilisation?

Why would there be an "EVF" stabilization?

I don't know... Maybe a focus group request? It helps composing with long and macro lenses apparently.

Still strange. I recall reading reports about the IBIS can be set to start working with a half press of the shutter button thus enabling a steady view in the EVF (or LCD). Having two IBIS mechanisms in the camera seems just unlikely, especially if one of them make a humming sound while not being needed.

My guess still is this is the IBIS holding the sensor at place.

EDIT: I'm sorry for being so slow... Re-reading your post I now understand you aren't thinking of a separate IBIS for the EVF. Well, the stabilization of the EVF should be an option, having the sensor at place with the camera turned on is just necessary. A noise is not a good thing, at any dB rate.



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