My OM-D is noisy!

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Re: EVF stabilization fiasco!

Brian Mosley wrote:

Is there an option to switch off EVF stabilisation?

Why would there be an "EVF" stabilization?

I used to shoot Pentax for a couple of years. Their IBIS is also based on magnetic control of the sensor stabilization. That's different from a motorized system (as Minolta/Sony and earlier Olympus models) as it has to work also when the stabilization is turned off; the magnets has to keep the sensor assembly in its right position. A motorized system just need to have the motors turned off.

The Pentax K10D made a clonky sound when turned off - that was the magnets dropping the sensor.

I wonder if the Olympus new IBIS system make this noise all the time as the magnet controls has to be turned on regardless of the IBIS setting.

If the camera is supposed to work this way I wonder why it hasn't been noticed by reviewers this far? Does it has any practical bearing on anything?



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