Can Windows XP Pro 64 bit utilize over 4GB RAM???

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Re: One more vote for Win 7

calson wrote:

If you are running an application that was constrained by the memory space of XP then going to Windows 7 will help it run faster.

"Memory space of XP"?!? What does that even mean? Using Win7 on any given system built in the last 5 years will very likely give better performance and stability over the same system running XP, provided it has full driver support for 7. The only time "memory space" comes into the equation is whether you're using a 32 bit or 64 bit OS, and it's a well known fact that XP64 was dire, in terms of stability and reliability.

Microsoft itself came out and said that Windows 7 was 20% faster than Vista and check the Vista performance figures.

Nobody is disputing that. What we are disputing is your woefully inaccurate assessment of 7's performance over that of XP. Vista is a hunk of bloated junk. This is not news.

There is a very good reason why fewer than 15% of American corporations moved from XP to Vista and it was do to the dismal performance...

...I'd agree with that, but your next part... :

...and the realization that to move desktops to Windows 7 the company was going to have to buy a new computer as well.

...applies more to Vista, for the same reason; woeful performance. If corporates were reluctant to shift from XP to 7, it would likely be more to do with lack of confidence due to the shambles that was Vista, and that many XP-based networks are still performing adequately, at least in the minds of those facing a huge transition to the new OS.

During the entire time Vista was on the market it shipped on corporate purchases of laptops but companies continued to buy the desktops with XP installed. You can still buy a Lenovo or HP desktop or notebook computer with XP installed. Now if Windows 7 is so much better why do you suppose that would be?

Eh? Laptops designed to run Vista were being shipped (retro-installed) with XP, because corporate purchasers weren't convinced of 7's performance?!? The reason was (as I stated above) that they had no confidence in Vista, and didn't want to face a potentially expensive re-training regime for their staff. Better the devil they know.

If all you read are posts on forums like this it is not hard to understand why you would be ignorant of the vast amount of information on the internet that takes only seconds to find. I have been using Microsofts OS products since DOS 1.0 and supported every OS since in Fortune 500 companies while working for HP and IBM and supporting tens of thousands of users but then what do I know.

..which proves what, exactly?

I use whatever tool works best for a given task and don't limit myself to what comes out of Redmond. All the iPhone and iPad owners, some 50 million plus users, or all the people buying Android devices cannot all be wrong.

No-one here is saying "BUY MS PRODUCTS ONLY!!!".

Honestly, your reasoning is decidedly odd, if not downright disingenuous.

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