NX1000 Pictures leaked.

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Re: NX1000 Pictures leaked.

Seeing the NX200 specs, you really have to be genious to make REAL cost cuts designing a new camera with some other parts in it. There just doesn't seem to be anything worth downgrading in NX200 if the sensor is same, and the NX200 buffer already were low. There is no reason to dump the amoled screen, and designing new with lower pixel density is odd move, would that really cut costs? Maybe no hot shoe, and no flash? The pics don't say about flash but there probably isn't room for inbody flash. Without flash this would not sell, so that is not the case, it cannot be.

But then, maybe a tft touch screen with lower resolution, like in Galaxy mini phone. Having a lower resolution screen would be reason enough for me to not consider this camera as a second (or primary) body for NX system.


Alexramos wrote:

Vygi wrote:

Alexramos wrote:

That is the logical movement, the NX200 body with a cheaper materials and a very cheap price.
Less than $450 and I will get one...
no RAW and no Edition... if is possible...

From where comes that cheap price?

Same NX200 sensor, WiFi (upgrade!), no EVF (like NX200)... What else? Cheap plastics to save $10-20 of material costs? Worse display? Slower than NX200? Smaller battery? No video? Where's the logics, please?

Have you ever heard about a place called CHINA??

Samsung´s representative said they are moving the NX systems´ factory to China, also the 20MPx could be paid, cheaper plastic and LCD instead a AMOLED (thou the AMOLED should be paid too).
The NX200 can be find to $599, so is not crazy thing a NX1000 could be cheaper.

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no RAW and no Edition... if is possible...

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