NX1000 Pictures leaked.

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Re: NX1000 Pictures leaked.

Now that those images have been deleted from original source, you can still find the pics from photorumors or mirrorless rumors:

That seems to be more into the Pentax K-01 toy-camera category. It must be a trend this season. The pics show a white camera, but I really hope they offer basic black version for more conservative customers. The design though seems refreshing differentiation from the existing lines. If this has a touch screen, it is surely aimed to the audience that knows Samsung from their mobile phones.

Now that we really don't know anything about the specs, other than the old 14mp sensor is put to grave, we must wait to see if this appeals any current NX series owners.


ihkim wrote:

Korean Samsung forum got a post which shows NX1000.


NX1000 seems to be really coming.

The picture doesn't show whole body, but it shows that 20.3MP sensor is used and WiFi is loaded.

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