USB powered and connected laptop monitor for $100

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Beware the poor viewing angle

Again, be aware of the really bad viewing angle. If you want to show slideshows to more than one person, they wont get the best view unless they put their heads right next to each other. Thats particularly true up close, but still an issue 10' away. Actually the lack of ability to change the front/back tilt of the thing is a problem at 10', but you can work around that a bit by putting stuff under the stand to prop it up a little more.

I tried to use this for a preview monitor in the studio while doing tethered capture, and it was too difficult to get it aimed in exactly the right direction to be able to view the image properly if your face wasnt right up in it. Even aimed in the right direction you had to be standing in exactly the right place to view it which makes it kind of pointless.

So I don't think I can really say that this thing is that good unless it's sitting on a table about as far away as you'd have your laptop display, you're not doing anything color critical or motion/fps intensive, and youre either viewing it by yourself or very friendly with anyone else viewing it.

Given that this product isn't really any sort of new technology (someone just put a low power laptop LCD in a box with a DisplayLink chipset, a usb port, and a picture frame type leg stand) it's pobably only a matter of time before higher quality versions of the same thing are available from someone. I won't be surprised if better quality will mean more expensive though, so this cheap one seems likely to remain the cheapest option for quite some time (in my estimation anyway). Better displays might also require power from 2 full-power USB ports instead of just one. (Hopefully any that need more power will be able to take advantage of the single 1A ports on the macs though.)

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