Is Full-Frame simply an expensive phase for many photographers?

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The same 5D2 that can't shoot red?

Interesting observations, yet apparently the 5D2 is incapable of taking photos of red things. I wonder how bad the GH1 must be!?

Kolen wrote:

You have to try it yourself. I have 5D II and GH1. And according to people from m43 forum, 5D II would be the one gathering dust at home. But for me, the fact is that my GH1 is the one left at home (though I won't let it gather dust) most of the time. I am just not pleased with the image from GH1 with the 14-42 kit lens, even for RAW.

And if you want to get a taste on such kind of combo and see which is left at home most of the time, I suggest you buy 5D II or even original 5D, and then a E-PL1 or a NEX 5. Both of them should represent the potential IQ of FF and mirrorless respectively. The cheapest combo (5D original and E-PL1) will cost just over USD 1000 body only. Spend more money on good glass though. L glass or prime is recommended.

By the way, if your budget is tight and you don't shot sports, don't buy 5D III. 5D II should be enough and you saves 1500 for some great glass.

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