Stolen camera kit

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don't give up hope

too many of us know that sick feeling when something like this happens.

my boys had a bicycle stolen when they were young and thought they knew who took it and wanted to do bodily harm to the offender. i convinced them to do the right thing with police involvement. we are in florida so not sure about other states, but down here a pawn shop is not allowed to sell anything they take in until the local law enforcement checks serial numbers. someone enjoyed that bicycle for a couple years before they pawned it. but a knock on the door by a sheriff with the bicycle (somewhat modified for the better) gave us back some faith in the system.

(and janis ian got a 1938 martin d-18 back after 26 years. if you can find the story in her words online somewhere, it will lift your spirits.)

hang in there. i don't participate much here but do appreciate your level headed addition to the forum.


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