It would be sad indeed, if the 5DIII was outselling the D800

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Re: It would be sad indeed, if the 5DIII was outselling the D800

s majesk wrote:

Canon has sold a massive number of 5D and 5DII cameras, and 99%
of us are totally satisfied with their performance.
Why would it be otherwise?

Comparatively few are rushing to trade up to the 5DIII, albiet an
envious alternative.
Meanwhile in the Nikon camp, D700 owners are scambling to hock
their cameras for the new megapixel wonder that they all said
they never needed.
This has created a giant vaccum for Nikon's own fanbase.

Aside from the fast pro models which have a release cycle that coincides with the Olympics, Canon and Nikon usually stagger their releases so they don't compete too closely at the same time.

  • 2007: D300 and D3 were announced. Nothing from Canon to compete with them that year.

  • 2008: D700 release mid-year and the 5Dmk2 a few months later.

  • 2009: Canon responds to the D300/D300s with a 7D after 2 years.

  • 2012: 1DX is the answer to the D3 after almost 5 years. D800 is the answer to the 5Dmk2 after 3 1/2 years.

I think we can see a pattern there. Aside from the pro models for the Olympics, they will release what they want when they want.

Canon's answer (5DX?) to the D800 will probably show up later in the year along with a possible Nikon D400 full frame as a logical step up for D700 owners and a 5Dmk3 competitor.

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