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Canon 600EX-RT & St-E3-RT


Today I received the new Canon flash system. These forums seem to be fairly dry on info, so I thought I'd share some early observations.

The worst thing we hear about these flashes, is the price. But 'Don't even worry about it'. If the price shocks you, they're not for you. In my opinion integration the new feature set such as longer zoom range, new screens, gel filters, increased weather sealing, and of course, in the integrated Radio Transmitters is well worth the money.

The second thing we hear the a relatively low wireless range. Canon rate it at 30M. Today I made a very crude test of this. I didn't measure the distance, just guessed. But it is easily over 100M. I set up the 600RT on a light stand, and triggered it from an St-E3-RT mounted on a 1DMk IV. I walked away from the flash gun triggering every 10 meters or so. After about 100M I ran out of road. At this distance I still had full control over the flash, including High Speed Sync, with NO misfires at this distance. I have attached a picture which shows the final test I made (flash can been seen in lower right corner of photo).

The new menu system is amazing. Very intuitive to use. I used them on a job this morning for the first time, before ever even opening the manuals. I had no difficultly to understand, or work out how the system works. It is quite different to canons current system, many more features, but easier to access and use than before.

High Speed Sync. This is a 'biggie' for many of us. And it works seamlessly. I was shooting today with 4 600EX flashes off camera, trigger from the St-E3-RT, mounted to the 1DMk IV. I shot in this combination all the way up to 1/8000, over 600 frames today, without a single misfire.

Strangely the Transmitter indicates "Tv-!" warning when shooting faster than 1/125th. I had heard about this before, that in pre-2012 cameras the sync speed is reduced by 1 stop.

For years now I have been shooting with 3 580EXii's, and 430's on the Pocket Wizard TTL system, (Flex TT5, Mini TT1). Canons new systems destroys the PW's, in every area I use them. I always have misfires with PW's TTL system, not many, but always a 10+ per 1000 frames. Canons systems beats it. My PW TTL system has a reliable range of 20-30M, Canon wins. HHS vs Hyper sync. Well, no miss fires, no calibration flash. Canon wins.
Obviously time will tell.

I should point out here, the PW non TTL (plus ii, iii, and multimax) in my experience are fantastic. Range of many hundred meters, and super reliable. But due to the 580EXii noise interference, their TTL is not as reliable.

If any of you have any question, or would like me to test or try anything, give me a shout.

The Nibster.

Canon EOS-1D
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