X100 1.20: remaining quirks/bugs

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Re: Bugs/quirks list update #1


Confusing that camera not able to change to OVF in Macro mode - at least a message should appear. I almost returned the camera to fix the defect when I got it.

Easy to hit time and exp comp. dial , especially in the dark.

Mode display should different color for better feedback: red for manual, green for aperture ...

Eye-Sensor is excellent and very reliable (only once it was not working in snow with bright sun.)
The View mode button is horrifically misplaced. I often hit it accidentally

when I want the change the focus point or zoom in/out which makes me think the camera has switched off itself.

A quite useless panorama mode the is not working well (see Review) can be removed.

Loved the nice the slideshow feature of the LX-5 with sound and interesting modes. Shoud be similar here.

The lock up during write could be worked with the latest super high speed
card from Sandisk which write 90MB/s and cont. review display.

Focus point should be reset after power up . or you miss a shot.

Olypmus manages to put in their EP-1 (same size camera) a Area Focus mode where the focus point is picked by it self. Quite a standard now days.

No power up if the camera is quickly turned on and of it stays of. Another "Miss the shot" feature of Fuji.

Beside that it is the camera with best image quality and low light quality for that size. Constructing such a nice camera, but missing shots for handling and speed is not acceptable in 2012.

Lots of work for Fuji to turn it into a 21 century camera.

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