X100 1.20: remaining quirks/bugs

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Re: Bugs/quirks list update #1

In the year 2012 I can expect that the handling as perfect as my LX-5 for a 1000$+ cam.
There are three causes of missed shots which are up to handling issues:
Marco mode Button do not do what they suppose to do in certain situations
Feed back of setting are not well reflected in the display

Menu structure : Despite Fuji's cleanup the menu order need work.
Option should be rearranged according to operational requirements.
Option you need during shooting should go up.

I don't know any reason why someone want to change e.g. image size or image detail during shooting but there are lots of option that should move up.

This option should be on the top:

  • Self Timer

  • Film Simulation

  • Iso

  • Nd Filter

  • Flash (quite important for fill in )

  • External Flash (Commander Mode, working with external no fuji)

Review + Zoom : To verify you image you press the Jog Lever and get a 1:1 zoom at the focus
point. This and excellent solution and a good example of ergonomy.
Logically turning are the jog lever left and right should zoom in and out.

This is more natural (most consumer cameras have a similar zoom) and faster then pressing buttons and can be done in the dark as well.

Macro mode : 80cm is just to much for Macro mode and there are many border line situation where you discover that you can not focus and miss the shot, then have to change to macro. The four way button is not quite responsive choosing macro. A good solution would be to have Auto-Focus-Macro position on the focus switch just like my Panasonic LX-5. Macro range should be down to 50 cm. Or at least there should be a third option in the mode menu. This makes you really loose shots.
At least Marco mode should be reset on power on.

The jog lever left and right is unused and could be used used for assignment as well.

Responsiveness : The problem with many cameras is that the buttons act like hard wired menus rather the buttons with a certain function.
A camera can have as many button as you like - they are useless
unless they complete there function instantly when the button is used.

In review mode most of the buttons should act like in shooting mode:
In review and want to change the focus point: It zooms in instead
In review mode I want to change WB. It scrolls through the image
In review mode I want to add fill in flash: It scrolls through the image

I can not change focus point in a AE-Lock hold is done. It should release the lock.

tbc ...

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