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Re: Tablets, phones and computers are worse! LOL /nt

No I just don't agree.

In the last hour I have received a recall notice from Subaru - fault with rear child's seat fasteners (the original article quoted cars as the stand out example)

And now just read about Android issue that installs a fake email on phone that you can not delete

My Samsung Nexus is great but full of quirks. Who at some point has not had to remove their battery from (or restart) their phone?

It still bugs me no end that my iPad does not have an SD slot or even USB port. I mean come on...

So I think all leading edge, innovative products will come with issues. But I also feel spoilt for choice today - there are some fantastic camera being released.

hellocrowley wrote:

There're always some very minor things you could complain about even the best products. With that said, I was one of the first to acknowledge the iPad3 being slightly warmer than the iPad2. At least the iPad works very, very well for its intended functionalities, can you say the same for some 2012 cameras?

Keep in mind I'm not saying tablets/phones/laptops are perfected, I just think they have better quality control and meet a higher expectation level.

PJInTheUSA wrote:

Does this make you a "enemy of Excellence:"

I don't think so. I just think you have a different opinion. Which is OK.

hellocrowley wrote:

I dont know what you buy but I'm a software developer/UI designer/hobbyist music producer (read: my expectations are very high), and I have no significant complaints with my iPad3, Android phone and Vaio/Apple laptops.

PJInTheUSA wrote:

we won't get the same level of excellence that we see in tablets, phones & computers.

You are joking correct? This is satire?

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