lloyd chambers half bashing 5D3

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lloyd chambers half bashing 5D3

for those who have not read yet the yet provisoric review of lloyd chambers (like his site) concerning the new 5D :



What follows is editorial and subjective because I believe it will best serve my readers who are prospective purchasers of the 5D Mark III. It is also based on initial impressions, but over many years now, I have found that my initial impressions have never misled me. Also, my priorities are not those of everyone. I can only offer my best “read” on what I see.

The bottom line for me in this first batch of images is that the Canon 5D Mark III image quality leaves me feeling bored. Adding in the +$1000 price increase, I’m left scratching my head for why what this means— if I were cynical, I’d say that Canon is milking the market with a marginally better sensor than the 5DM2 at a much higher price. The 5DM3 images look improved over the 5DM2 in some ways but I don’t exactly feel compelled to trade up.

The 5DM3 sensor is surprisingly noisy. Granted, the use of deconvolution sharpening accentuates a finely grained look as compared to other less effective types of sharpening. But I have used this sharpening for all my reviews for a long time now, and it was never an issue with my Nikon D3x or even the Sony NEX-7, which has far smaller photosites. I’m not particularly bothered by film-like noise, but the streaking pattern noise of the 5DM3 is disturbing.

Will the new Canon 1D X offer superior image quality with its 18-megapixel sensor? I’d be money on it. The resolution of 22 vs 18 megapixels is scarcely of concern by comparison.

To be emphatically clear, I prefer the Sony NEX-7 sensor to what I’m seeing here from the Canon 5D Mark III— and the NEX-7 is 1/3 the price. Go figure. Now I’m not saying that the NEX-7 will hold up at ISO 800, 1600 on up like the 5DM3. But I am saying that at ISO 100 and 200, the NEX-7 images just seemed to have a much more pleasing quality to them.


It is clear from the images displayed here (and many more that I examined) that the 5D Mark III also failed to achieve accurate focus assist (green dot) with my Zeiss 100/2 and 35/1.4, because too many images lack crispness even at f/5.6 - f/8— indicating a slight focus error mitigated just enough to salvage the image. Stopping down is no substitute for accurate focus, even with a 35mm lens, let alone a 100mm lens.

Even with a properly focused subject, I remain puzzled by the sense that something is not quite right with the sharpness. I can’t put my finger on it, but it looks odd. There might be something involving the low-pass filter and/or electronic processing. I’m used to looking more at Nikon D3x and Leica M8 images, so maybe it’s just different in a way that I personally don’t find appealing.

The older Canon 5D Mark II has a focusing screen which has made it possible to focus by eye (years of experience there), but I found the new 5D Mark III focusing screen difficult for focusing by eye, and the screen is not replaceable. When combined with focus assist that is not always accurate, this is a serious impediment for manual focus users like myself. Live View is best for accuracy, but often impractical.

my comment:
i am surprised that his review is somehow underwhelmed.
the 1DX is ca. 200g heavier than the 1D4 ...
i'll go to the fitness studio one more day per week now.

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