Fuji X Pro 1 poor quality images

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Re: Fuji X Pro 1 poor quality images

zzapamiga wrote:

I am interested in the X Pro 1 and recently tried it in a camera store. I downloaded RAW and JPEG images from http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/fuji-x-pro1/fuji-x-pro1A7.HTM and processed the RAW files in SILKYPIX Developer Studio on default settings but with all sharpness and noise reduction turned off. I was shocked to see how badly the in camera JPEG processing and the developed RAW file handled this colour test wheel on one of the test images. I included the same colour test wheel from the Sigma SD1 RAW developed in Sigma Photo Pro 5.2.1 for comparison.

I have been disappointed with the output of the camera from all the test images. Hopefully this is just an early software problem with the camera and not a hardware problem with the new X Trans sensor.

I would also be disappointed if all I did was look at test charts. That wheel is going to strongly favor the Sigma with its Foveon sensor as it will have the highest resolution between colors like that. Bayer sensors are all going to show some sort of moire pattern on those. However, I don't think that particular pattern is representative of anything natural. From the real world sample images I have seen they are quite nice from the Fuji.


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