5D3 vs D800 - A Technical Analysis (UPDATED & EXTENDED) - With Samples

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Re: Meanwhile, back on planet earth...

The differences are easy to see. Unfortunately, DPR's gallery images don't show at their full resolution, so where it says "Slideshow Bob > fabric3200" (for example) you have to click on the "fabric3200" text, then select "Original" from the "Available Sizes" selection. That will show you the full size file, where the differences are quite obvious.


Randplaty wrote:

Slideshow Bob wrote:

It's a slow day, so what the hell!

Winner: They're very close (a few areas are slightly better on the 5DIII), but overall the D800 still wins in this portion of the image.

I don't see any more detail for the D800. If it exists, then it's so minute that I can't tell the difference on this screen.

So there you go. How do you think these cameras compare for detail above ISO1600? Just to remind you, here's Legion5's quote once again…

"Above ISO 1600 the 5D3 just has both more detail and less noise than the D800. At 1600 ISO they are equal in both respects. At 3200 there is an edge to the 5D3 and at 6400 the 5D3 just pulls away and just keeps widening the gap."

Just how much of the detail you chose to obliterate with NR is a personal choice. I don't care how badly Legion5 choses to screw up his images, but he representing his "creative" manipulations as a true measure of these cameras capabilities. That makes his assessment, once again, pure garbage.

I honestly don't see a difference between any of the files you listed. I don't see more detail for either camera or more noise for either camera. One is bigger and that's about it. Nothing different at all.

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