Looking to move from Nikon from Sony need advice

Started Mar 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
Desert Rose Regular Member • Posts: 129
Looking to move from Nikon from Sony need advice

I have owned an A55, and loved that it has an EVF. What I did not like were two things about glass:

1. There are compatibility issues with some third party lenses. I don't know whether they exist with the 65 and 77, but think they might. Those aren't deal breakers; it just makes the buying experience a royal pain in the neck if you want to consider third party lenses.

2. You pay a premium for Sony glass. What led me to selling my A55 is that Sony's 70-300 G lens costs $300 more than Nikon's ED lens. Reasonable minds could differ about their relative value; I'm just not sure that Sony's is worth the extra money.

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