Considering the Carl Zeiss 24mm

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Re: Considering the Carl Zeiss 24mm

ichatpatrick wrote:

I'd been planning to use the Sigma 19 and 30, together with the kit lens as my travel kit, and ordered both this week from B&H. (I've tried to justify swapping the kit lens for the Tamron 18-20, but the Tamron just feels "off" on the NEX for me.) I also have the Sony 16mm but rarely use it.

Having bookmarked this thread, and seeing the Zeiss pop up in stock at Amazon, I decided to take the plunge before the $100 price hike. ( I blame you for this, Sean! )

My ideal kit for the NEX would be a low light prime (like the Zeiss) and a decent quality zoom with a bit more range than the kit lens, something like the Zeiss 16-80 for the A mount.

HA! Honestly, the early good reviews on the Sigma 30 confuse me a bit, but I am happy for the NEX system because this is only a good thing overall.

Like you, I am fairly content to have the Zeiss (along with my SEL 50 both at 1.8). And I'd love a faster zoom (e.g., 2.8) even if it's larger just for those times when I want the flexibility. If it had the range you noted (16-80) then I doubt it's 2.8, but even if the aperture is not fixed then a faster aperture start could work. If the Sigma was a 35 instead then I would almost be happy with the 16, 24, {Sigma 35}, and SEL 50. Sony has 3 more lenses that should emerge very soon, so we'll see soon enough.

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