5D3 vs D800 - A Technical Analysis (UPDATED & EXTENDED) - With Samples

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Re: You are not in the same league as Legion5

chironNYC wrote:


You are not in the same technical league as Legion5. This is what he does for a living, at a very high technical level with top photographers. He produces finished graphic images for a living for national campaigns. Try to learn from him. He is offering you something.

I try not to get dragged into slanging matches on here, but who someone is or what they do for a living has absolutely nothing to do with facts which are plain to see.

On one hand we have a set of images to which several filters and post processing steps have been applied, with different settings for each camera. This set shows the 5D3 to have a detail advantage.

On the other hand we a pair of images with the minimal possible processing applied . This set shows the D800 clearly resolves the weave of a piece of fabric which is totally absent from the 5D image.

The test is flawed and this is clear to see regardless of the identity of the person who posted it!

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