Nikon D800 LCD yellow green cast

Started Mar 28, 2012 | Discussions thread
wombat779 Regular Member • Posts: 210
Re: Shoot raw perhaps...

ScottRH wrote:

If it is the LCD hardware batch, firmware would have to switch on something to adjust it per batch. Not likely.

Not entirely true. First off, as I mentioned before, it seems quite unlikely it is a hardware problem (at least on my unit), as the screen itself has no color cast when compared with my 5D2. However, even if it turned out to be a hardware issue, the firmware "fix" could be to simply have the current liveview hue adjustment be nonvolatile and apply to still photos as well. In that way, anyone could calibrate the hue of their screen, regardless of batch. Finally, as posted above, Nikon has the ability to calibrate the hue of the LCD, meaning that even if it was a batch problem not fixed by firmware, it would likely be fixable by having Nikon recalibrate it.

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