What Lens do you most regret selling?

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Re: What Lens do you most regret selling?

This is a really old post but I was about ask the same question. i've owned quite a few lenses during the last five years for multiple reasons :

  • i was a total newbie so i just had to find my style (which means basically trying any kind of lens)

  • sometimes you -really- have to verify what is being said about a lens

  • bad copy or scratches

  • lens you could afford but that are too expensive to own (money is locked with the lens !)

  • great lens but not used often enough to justify keeping it

  • lens you just sold but realize you really miss it

some lenses were excellent : 55/2.8, 60/2.8D, 180/2.8AF, 300/4 AF-S, 300/2.8 VR
some were pretty good : CV 40/2 and 20/3.5, 70-180 Micro, 50/1.4G

some were crap but the one I really regret selling is the 35/1.4 AIS. I had an absolutely mint copy for 1/4th of the actual prices and sold it when I discovered that it was less sharp than my 17-35. Indeed it is but only for landscape use and obviously it can do things only a f/1.4 lens can do.

it's so expensive now (in mint condition) and the G version would be so much better (at a hefty weight & size increase though) that there is no point buying another one. so I'm just left missing it, would have been a perfect pair with the 50/1.2 (mainly for low light shots).

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