5D3 vs D800 - A Technical Analysis (UPDATED & EXTENDED) - With Samples

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This statement shows the bias of this review...

Legion5 wrote:


Winner: Tie/Either

I did survey of a few fellow photographers with a set of test images. In general from this small analysis it was found that the D800 had more accurate color reproduction, but the 5D3 had better looking colors, especially with yellows, oranges and reds. After converting dozens of other raw files I've noticed this is a recurring theme. The D800's warmer colors look washed out but more detailed.

First, you should mention that you're a Canon shooter so that people know you're not impartial.

Next, your statement about colors is pretty ridiculous. The D800 has more accurate colors but the 5D3 has better looking colors??? All this shows is that this technical review is biased. You need to sugar coat everything about the 5D3. Your statement about reds just boggles my mind. Canon has always had very poor reproduction of reds and Nikon has been the best over pretty much over all other brands.

P.S. In case, you're wondering. Yes, I own both systems. 10D, 7D, D200 and D700.

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