4K for 8K

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Re: 4K for 8K

Interesting... it certainly seems that the push for 4k is continuing. I'd love to see more specs of this camera to see what it's capable of (especially the resolution when shooting at 920fps). Most times the resolution seems to drop to something terribly small. But maybe since this camera's full resolution is 4k the faster frame rates will still have a decent resolution. I'd love to see even something around 400fps at say DVD quality resolution. I don't think that anything offers that yet without a vast price tag.

It's a little out of my price range but it's getting quite close. I'm thinking that my camera upgrade in the future will be to a 4k camera and although my DSLR is a Canon, I'll certainly switch if another company delivers the goods (as long as I can use an adapter so that my lenses are still viable).

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