I've got my D800 in the UK Yippee

Started Mar 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
adamlambert Forum Member • Posts: 85
Re: I've got my D800 in the UK Yippee

Great to hear that cameras are still trickling through.

Likewise I am waiting for my £2099 order from Mathers. They have had 4 cameras so far meaning there are about 26 people ahead of me. It seems Nikon is keeping all the dealers in the dark about who gets what and when. Let's hope that there is a big batch of cameras lands from Nikon next week.

I was out with my D300 yesterday taking some low flying jet pictures (I'll post some later) and while I was relatively happy with the results it did make me think that 3x the resolution would have been awesome.

I wonder just how many Nikon have sold globally? It seems the demand has been many times what they anticipated.

Just hoping that I don't regret going for the AA filter D800 and not the D800E. Time will tell.


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